Unveiling the Hottest Flooring Trends Dominating 2024

Flooring has an unparalleled ability to shape the ambiance of a home. While many gravitate towards wood floors such as solid hardwood or laminates for their warmth, numerous other options are gaining traction. Porcelain floors, for instance, continue to reign supreme. Why? They boast impressive durability against impacts and scratches, are easy to clean and maintain, provide excellent insulation against temperature fluctuations, and, due to their low porosity, serve as fantastic options for bathrooms and kitchens. Notably, they can be seamlessly installed in various spaces. Available in large formats that reduce the number of seams, they can flawlessly mimic wood, stone, or marble. With these technical characteristics, they’ve outshone ceramic floors – including stoneware – and the classic, delicate glazed tiles.
Small formats offer flexibility in creating compositions. Have you considered delineating areas like the dining room with a ‘rug’ of tiles? On the other hand, larger dimensions reinforce a sense of harmony and continuity – especially when used on walls too!

Trending Floors This Year

Natural and Relaxed Space Floors: Emphasizing minimalistic, relaxed, and natural spaces continues to be a trend in 2024 – as it has been in recent seasons. Wooden floors (or their imitation), natural, unvarnished, with a rustic touch, and micro-cement in pure, unobtrusive colors are in vogue. “Homes are sought after as sanctuaries combating stress and worldly concerns,” note experts at Keraben, a leading firm in porcelain coatings and floorings.
Subdued Luxury:  XXL formats make a bold statement, offering surfaces nearly devoid of joints to enhance the feeling of spaciousness and uniformity. Elegant ceramics with veins and marble-like effects also stand out, bringing the aesthetic charm of natural stone indoors.
Geometry and Color:  Some seek tranquility, while others opt for something more ‘fun.’ Floors exude positivity with colorful surfaces that infuse spaces with light and dynamism. Whether it’s tiles with hydraulic effects or mosaics playing with patterns and shapes or pavements where geometry subtly takes center stage – chessboard floors will be the latest craze.

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