Benefits of Installing Vinyl Floors in Your Spaces

In today’s quest to maximize the utility of every inch in our homes, the trend leans toward open-plan “loft” style apartments where communal areas share a seamless space, integrating open kitchens with living and dining areas.
Wooden flooring has evolved, merging innovation, design, and technology to create an incredibly versatile material that adapts flawlessly to any environment.

Maximum Resistance and Genuine Comfort

Vinyl floors are crafted to ensure exceptional durability and an extended lifespan.
Their ceramic coating makes the surface scratch and dent-resistant, while the waterproof material prevents spills from causing permanent damage.
“As life happens – with kids, pets, toys, high heels, daily chores, and challenges – your floor should be able to withstand it all.” – Kährs, a Swedish brand specializing in wood coverings.

Easy Installation and Anti-Noise System

The exclusive 5G Click locking technology allows for a straightforward and quick installation method, achievable even as a DIY project. This locking mechanism provides excellent stability due to its rigid core.
Integrated sound reduction in each plank contributes to a quieter and more peaceful home environment.

Ideal for Renovations

Vinyl floors are perfect for renovations. There’s no need to remove existing flooring as they can be installed directly over it.
Their slim profiles are designed to fit well with existing door thresholds, saving both time and money.
Moreover, with the 5G Click joint system, you ensure swift and easy installation and reinstallation.

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